Becoming a Man at Midnight: On Werewolves and Women Writers

In 1985, when I was still bald and crawling, Michael J. Fox was sprouting hair from his hands and taking to the streets at midnight. The movie was Teen Wolf and the premise was simple: a physical transformation turns Fox into wolf — specifically werewolf — via a curse passed down from his father, who

Wedding Packages

Every Bride deserves a wedding that accurately reflects their commitment to love, which is why Loveco has created a several tiered love management system for the perfect wedding on any budget — from appropriate to offensive. Let Loveco handle the planning, so you don’t ruin the most important day of your life with the wrong


I recently created another online dating profile. My first attempt last fall was deleted after a string of no follow-ups and a whole lot of misunderstood intentions but you know what? Maybe I didn’t give it a fair shot. I described my foray into online dating last fall as “sport dating.” I wasn’t even taking

Experimenting with the Experimental (with Experimental Results)

The first time I took psychedelic drugs I became obsessed with the problem of being “in between.” Of course this was during college, and everything actually was in between — I was a girl not yet a woman, in-between dorm rooms and first apartments, in-between freshman fifteen and just plain fat. Not to mention I

WSL Sitting Down to Write?

I have a friend who gets up every morning at 4 AM, makes himself a pot of coffee, goes to his garage office, and writes for three hours. Every day. While this impresses me, it also discourages me, because I will never do this. I will never get up that early to write. I never

WSL:NYC — Just Another Unproductive Product

I have an intense case of what I call Fear Of Not Being Productive. This means that when I am doing things like sleeping in, walking on Bedford Avenue, or sometimes even reading a novel, I’m usually feeling stressed out. I could be doing something, I think to myself. I could be doing something productive.